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As the demands of parenthood, partnership, and making a living take up more and more space, I want to know: Where are you in all of this?

In our work together I’ll help you reconnect to the most honest version of yourself. You’ll learn how to disarm patterns and programming that are keeping you from recognizing, and respecting your authentic values, desires, and gifts. 

I'm here to help you: 

Gain clarity about whether or not to have children

Navigate the uncertainty of the fertility journey

Move through fears and anxiety around pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mother — for the first time or beyond

Pursue a creative and/or professional goal

Explore the realities of single motherhood

Discover actionable solutions for painful parenting challenges

Cultivate tools to support you as your marriage or partnership shifts and changes 

Bring more playfulness and sensuality into your life 

Co-parent with ease and grace 

Create a work/life balance that’s legitimately balanced

Design a realistic self-care plan that will keep your batteries charged 

Get honest about what you need to feel grounded, fulfilled, & inspired

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