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The human condition has always been my favorite landscape to explore.

Motherhood, co-parenting, and partnership have given me countless opportunities to take an unfiltered look at what I'm really made of — and what I really want.

I co-parent my kids with 5 other people.

I have two sons who my partner and I are raising alongside my sons’ fathers and their partners. This is my treasured chosen family — it was hard-earned and its unique shape has given me the space to honor my values of freedom and personal development. 

Anxiety was once the soundtrack to my life.

Meditation, plant medicine, and a library of self-help books have given me the tools to calm my heart and clear my mind. 

I’m most lit up when:

helping mothers learn to trust themselves; sitting in circle with powerful women; diving into scary places of vulnerability.

I’m most inspired by: 

older couples that still genuinely like each other; people who stand in their authenticity; anyone who can make me laugh.

You might find me in: 

the Bay Area, Brooklyn, or at Burning Man.

My superpowers are:

packing for a 2-week trip in a single carry-on bag; holding a headstand for 5 minutes; maintaining life-long friendships.


I believe something magical happens when women share their wisdom with each other.

In my 25-year career as a journalist, author, and copywriter, I specialized in meaningful health and wellness content for women. 


After years of telling and championing their stories, I now work directly with women who are navigating the big questions of motherhood and partnership — from the first whisper of desire to the all-out tantrums of despair. 


My happy place is helping them click into the wisdom of their inner knowing so they can make choices that support their evolution.


I'm a life coach, women's group facilitator, and co-author of books for women including The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, the bestselling guide to women-centric care in the early weeks of motherhood. 


I also have a masters in Journalism from Columbia University, but really, my education has come from making lots of mistakes and learning from them.

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