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Creating books for women has been a great joy in my life. 

As an author, collaborator, and book coach, I’ve written books that highlight women-centric care throughout the motherhood journey.


I am co-author of three motherhood books:


Since its publication in 2016, The First Forty Days has become a lifeline for new mothers and an essential part of the national conversation about the benefits of deliberate postpartum care. 

Written in collaboration with my co-authors and fellow mamas Heng Ou and Amely Greeven, the guide is praised by midwives, doulas, and new mamas around the world and has been featured in The New York Times' 25 Best Gifts for New Moms and Forbes' Best Gifts for New Moms 2021, among many more. The FFD flipped the baby shower gift on its head, offering the expecting mother practical guidance on securing help during the postpartum period, navigating inevitable relationship challenges, and honoring the rites of passage that are pregnancy and birth—as well as 60 simple and delicious recipes designed to support the specific needs of the postpartum period.

In 2020, we birthed its sibling, Awakening Fertility: The Essential Art of Preparing for Pregnancy and in late Summer 2022 we will welcome the final member of the family, Nine Golden Months: The Essential Art of Nourishing the Mother-to-Be. 


Helpful for women at every stage of the preconception process, Awakening Fertility offers wisdom and guidance to support your body, mind, and spirit—including nearly fifty delicious recipes to nourish yourself deeply and prepare for the changes to come. 


Nine Golden Months shares timeless guidance from the our extraordinary circle of practitioners, guides, and wisdom-keepers specializing in prenatal care; it draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and features rituals and self-sourced wisdom, so that it addresses all aspects of a woman’s pregnancy experience: emotional, mental, physiological, and spiritual.

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